terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

Marijuana: the facts

The Drug Policy Alliance Network and its partner organization, the Drug Policy Alliance, are working hard state by state to educate lawmakers about marijuana and to make cannabis available for medicinal purposes for seriously ill people. Through DPA's advocacy and commitment from patients and the governor, a compassionate use bill brought medical marijuana access to New Mexico in early 2007. DPA is doing similar work in states ranging from Connecticut and New Jersey to Alabama. For more information on our work in the states, please visit our state-by-state page. For more background on marijuana regulation and criminalization, read on.

Saiba mais sobre leis que permitem o uso terapêutico da cannabis: http://www.drugpolicy.org/marijuana/

Saiba mais sobre Política de Drogas : http://actioncenter.drugpolicy.org

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